THE BOOK READER of California

"Tell me a story"–the request of children to overworked, harried parents and teachers-is the focal point of these very lively tapes that, yes, do stir the imagination. These tapes tell the story for children. Particularly through Frances Kelley’s reading (she helped launch the Children’s Talking Book Program for the Library of Congress, has recorded more than 100 books).

Four classic stories are on each tape and they stir, capture, and thrill the imagination of any child who is usually eager to dream "with their eyes wide open and their brains whizzing." Kelley is quite a reader. She wheezes and whizzes and gives vital life to all the characters we’ve always heard about. The stories: The Emperor’s New Clothes, Toads and Diamonds, The Story of William Tell, The Golden Touch, Pandora’s Box, The Fisherman and His Wife, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, The Nutcracker, Androcles and the Lion, A Mad Tea Party, The Dutch Boy and the Dike, and The Ugly Duckling.

Any Child will find these tapes captivating. Adults watching children who are listening to these tapes will learn once again how wonderful utter enchantment can be. Kelley is that good-the range of special effects that accompany her is skillful, but it is her incredible versatility, ranging through mood and thoughts and her fine ability to rise and fall with the fortunes of the stories. These tapes are some of the best storytelling this reviewer has heard for children starving to learn about the world through those fabulous fairy tales we all know.