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Frances Kelley, an actress and leading performer on National Public Radio's Spider's Web, has taken four classics from the Bible and turned them into taped stories, complete with dialogue and background music. Dramatized in this way, the stories in a series called Living Adventures from the Bible are at once more comprehensible, more memorable, and more fun. Kelley's dramatic voice modulates to portray women, men, boys, and even God. Her husband, Allan Kelley, has adapted the tales, three of which David and Goliath, the Good Samaritan, and the Prodigal Son are familiar, exciting, and point to a clear moral.

The last tale, that of Jonah and the Whale, is actually a rather circuitous one, and although most people know about Jonah's unusual aquatic lodgings, the complicated series of attitudes, cagey misdemeanors, and dangerous false starts can be confusing. The Kelley , however, are clear and making its many meanings easy to grasp. The tapes, which each run an hour, can be used in school, Sunday school, at home, or on car rides.