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Ms. Frances Kelley
Living Adventures
390 Stuart Street, Box 1276
Boston, MA 02117

Dear Frances,

I want to congratulate you on the magnificent work you have done in dramatizing Bible stories on cassette.

All the characters in the four stories on you first album immediately spring to life. This tape, and the others you are planning, will be very useful for all ages in any church education program.

I also suggest that you offer your tapes directly to parents, so their children can listen to the stories at home as often as they like. It is truly wonderful how your dramatic storytelling sparks the powers of the imagination in an inspirational way, something that is often overlooked in a child’s spiritual growth during these days of "visual" dominance.

Here is one thing I want to share with you in particular: My wife’s mother, who was a church school teacher and a Sunday School Superintendent for almost 60 years, is living with us. I set up our tape player so she could listen to your dramatizations of the Bible Stories. She listens again and again, wishing all the while that she had your tape back in her teaching days.

I have now retired from the University and will be moving to St. Louis. When I arrive, I will introduce your cassettes to the church I will attend there.

God bless you in you new venture. It is surely needed!