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What people have said
about Eye in the Ear

"A master storyteller with a fantastic range of voices"

School Library Journal

"These important stories from Eye in the Ear belong in every home, car, or library where children are present."

Dr. William G. Smith III / Child Psychologist

"I congratulate you and Mrs Kelley on the outstanding work you have done in making these tapes... They have been listened to with great appreciation for they are of high quality."

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

"Frances Kelley inspires a child's inner vision with the many animated characters she portrays."

Affirmative Parenting

"Frances Kelley is a master storyteller with a fantastic range of voices."

School Library Journal

"Frances Kelley's art is lively and inspiring. She has a rare gift of being able to dramatize a story to enliven a child's imagination."

Talking Book Program, Library Of Congress

"Every child should hear these timeless tales told by Frances Kelley."

Parents Choice

"Frances Kelley's change in voice for each character is remarkable."

Book List, American Library Association