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Eye In The Ear is a 20-year old family-run enterprise, dedicated to producing quality, classic children’s audio books on CD and cassette tape. All stories are richly endorsed and guaranteed to stir young imaginations and to help unleash their abundant and boundless creativity.Today’s fast-paced society relies heavily on television. Children are inundated with violent visual images from video games, the Internet, movies, TV magazines and newspapers. Children still say, “Tell me a story”. The problem is - amid these harried times of two working parents and single working mothers - storytelling is given little attention and Children rarely have the chance or the environment to cultivate their own imagination.This troubling situation is what led Frances and Allan Kelley to develop: I- Stories to Stir the Imagination, II- Living Adventures from American History, and III- Living Adventures from the Bible. Thirty childhood classics, offered in three series, 8 CDs/cassettes, with a total running time of eight hours.

For each story, Frances worked closely with Allan Kelley, her husband/writer. Allan has adapted and revitalized these stories for dramatic audio presentation; often replacing narration with dialogue, or “Picture Words” says Allan, to highlight Frances’ many voices.

Through her magical art of storytelling, Frances Kelley retells these timeless tales in a unique, thought provoking way, staging scenes, creating dialogues, while using her vast range of voice characterizations. Music and sound effects further enhance the excitement of traditional “fireside” storytelling, which provides a welcome respite from TV that the whole family will enjoy.Among her many accomplishments, Frances helped launch the Children’s Talking Book Program for the Library of Congress. She has recorded more than 200 books that are distributed all over the country. She also produced and narrated her “Imagination Time” series that was broadcast nation-wide over National Public Radio.

In the very near future, Eye In The Ear will be releasing a 3-part series on the “Life and Times of George Washington”, and by mid-next year we will be completing work on series IV- “Shakespeare For Children”. Downloadable MP3 files, for all the stories will soon be offered as well.The need for meaningful storytelling in a visually dominant society is profound. Although children between the ages of 3 & 12 are our primary target audience, the whole family will be captivated and mesmerized by the inspirational audio stories produced by Eye in the Ear.

Frances Kelley

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Allan Kelley

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